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Hi, I'm Joshua Folorunsho, a frontend web developer from Kogi state, Nigeria. I have been developing web applications for the last 1 year. I'm super passionate about web development and how the web works in general.

A little more... I love to share what I know through teaching. I specialize in helping others learn how to code and I believe anything can be overcome through commitment and hardwork. I'm always up for new things.
From a technical standpoint, I spend most of my time working with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. When not creating websites, I like to play video games.


Web Development

I build amazing websites using necessary technologies and the right data structures and algorithms necessary to scale the application as the need arises.

Responsive Design

In 2020, you can't go online without having a mobile responsive website. Let me take care of that for you!


Millions of website are built on top of Wordpress, yours can become the next one!


I'm a Specialist at optimizing website for search engines. Move down to see some of the websites I have optimized with statistics to back it up.

Work section

hotel booking

Hotel booking

A STATIC website to book hotels online.

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UI/UX Designer Portfolio

Portfolio website.

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Track calories and breakdown ingredients with fScan.

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Johnny Portfolio

Portfolio website

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  • 2019: HTML5 AND CSS3

    I started learning how to develop for the web, I read HTML and CSS book by Jon Ducket.The book gave me a general overview of what I can do with HTML and CSS. As soon as I was done, a friend of mine recommended freecodecamp which I found very very useful in nailing down the basics.

  • 2019: Finalist - HNGi 5.0 Internship

    So I registered for HNGi 5.0 Internship as a frontend developer, I just recently got into web development. The internship was really intense that I couldn't cope so I moved to Digital Marketing track.The internship is structured in a way where people gets evicted everyweek if task is not completed or below par. To get an edge over others, I enrolled for digital marketing course offered by google and completed it in 4 days. I also got certified :). Fast forward, 3 people completed the internship as a digital marketer and I was one of them.

  • 2019: Git and GitHub

    I started learning version control system and github. To be honest, it was overwhelming at first. Few weeks after, it became one of my favourite tool. Today, I can't do without using it for any of my projects!

  • 2019: Finalist - HNGi 6.0 Internship

    After a while, I discovered I had more flair for coding than digital marketing, so I registered yet again for HNG Internship, this time as a frontend developer and my goal was to finish the internship this time as one, it was an intense internship as usual but I made it through.

  • 2019: Finalist - ALC 4.0 - Mobile Web Specialist

    A remote internship organized by Andela for africans. About 135k candidate started the internship. Phase by phase, a large group of candidate were discarded. I learnt a lot. We had access to pluralSight top contents and I was exposed to more advanced concept in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I was part of the last 1k candidate left.

  • 2019: JavaScript (100DaysOfCode)

    Along with the ALC 4.0 Internship. I started 100DaysOfCode to keep myself consistent with learning and coding. During the 100DaysOfCode, I was able to learn plain vanilla JS, a little bit of jQuery and NodeJs.

  • 2019: CSS Preprocessor and BEM

    I started learning SASS, I learnt about the 7-1 architecture. Along the line, my mentor suggested I learn BEM, so I checked out BEM and I am still happy till today I learned about it.

  • 2020: Responsive Web Design Certificate

    I completed freecodecamp HTML & CSS curriculum plus projects.

  • 2020: Wordpress

    I started learning how to build website using wordpress.

  • 2020: NodeJS - Present

    I started learning NodeJs.

  • 2020: Started using Progate

    Completed Nodejs web development path and got certified.

  • 2020: Started using Codecademy Pro to learn React and NodeJS

    I started using codecademy to learn react and nodejs

  • 2020: Internship - DevCareer with Progate

    We were given access to Progate premium platform, not only that, we were assigned individual projects and also worked in team. I really enjoyed the internship.

  • 2020: Finalist (Frontend Developer) - HNGi 7.0 Internship

    Even though I finished the HNGi 6.0, I wasn't really confident in skillset, more reason I decided to intern once more. In HNGi7, I really learnt a lot. It boosted my confident, morale and self-esteem.


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